Jonathan Hedstrom

Director of Engineering

Jonathan graduated from shooting x-rays at hard drives while doing research at IBM to data wrangling at the Downtown Emergency Service Center, where he led software development of CHASERS, an open source agency management/client tracking system at one of Seattle's largest homeless service providers. Jonathan currently speaks PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS. He is friends with databases and plays with PostreSQL and MySQL to keep them in line. When not working computer magic, Jonathan might be found on the top of a mountain in Bolivia, or on his bike.

Jonathan goes by jhedstrom on and Drupal IRC, and currently maintains the following modules:

DrupalCon Munich 2012 -  I'm a speaker!Drupal Summit 2011 - October 14-16Drupalcon Denver 2012 - I'm a speaker!Drupalcon London 2011Drupalcon Chicago 2011Drupalcon Copenhagen 2010Drupalcon San Francisco 2010Drupalcon DC 2009Drupalcon 2008 Szeged