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We at OpenSourcery live and breathe Drupal, and give back as much as we can during the course of our day to day work, and then some.


The Drupal community is the project's strongest asset. As such OpenSourcery has proudly hosted the Portland Drupal User Group in our offices since 2008. Jonathan Hedstrom and Melissa Anderson have been co-organizers of the group for nearly as long.

Events we've sponsored

Projects we created or maintain on Drupal.org

Projects to which we've contributed accepted patches

This is a sampling of some of the projects to which we've provided bug fixes or feature enhancements.

Presentations we've given

This is page is part of the Drupal Give initiative.

Drupal Give Blog Posts

Sheena Morris June 03, 2014

Check out our Drupal contributions for the month of May!






I contributed to an issue queue:



I also contributed a patch to help Drush support the Geocoder module:



Sheena Morris April 04, 2014


Check out our Drupal Contributions for the month of March!



Sheena Morris March 10, 2014

Check out our Drupal contributions for the months of January and February!

Chris Wright January 14, 2014

'Tis the season for birthdays - Drupal turns 13-years-old tomorrow, and next month OpenSourcery turns 10!

At OpenSourcery we pride ourselves on giving back to the Drupal community because of how good it has been to us. Last year we logged over 800 hours of time toward Drupal code rally contributions. And roughly 3% of our billable time is spent working on patches and other contributions that are put back into the community. Every month we host the Portland Drupal Users Group, and this month we are also hosting the 2014 Drupal Global Sprint Weekend.